Local micro-community of collage artists
working since 2015
The Samara Collage Workshop was founded in 2015 by collage artist Irina Sevostyanova. The project was invented in the spring and launched in early autumn of the same year. The workshop is designed both for adults who have experience in art and without it. This was the first initiative specialized in collage in Russia, with an educational program and an emphasis on practical exercises. In addition to in-depth immersion in varieties of collage practices, the community is focused on exhibition activities. SCW members organize reporting exhibitions and participate in Russian and international exhibition projects. The first two years, the Collage Workshop was based at the Samara Regional Youth Library. Initially the meetings were held twice a week and free for all the participants. Since 2018, collage artists meetings have been held at different venues: in coworkings, in galleries, cafes, etc. The Samara Collage Workshop is a cell of the Russian community of collage artists Cut and glue.
The mission of the Samara Collage Workshop is to popularize the collage in Russia, namely in Samara.
In summer of 2019 another reporting exhibition was held at the Nostalgie Gallery.
In 2016 Collage Workshop took part in the TELEMOST project, organized by the Cut and Glue community of Russian collages.
The celebration of birthday of the Russian collage community Cut and Glue in December 22, 2019.
Collages by Irina Pavlova, Vasilisa Nazarova, Nadya Ilina
The photos of Collage Workshop participants from exhibitions and events.
In 2019, the Samara Collage Workshop officially joined the celebration of WORLD COLLAGE DAY.
Fifteen people attended the celebration. Three master classes were held. The participants collectively created a book about the creators of collages of the 20th century.
Collage workshop is a small friendly community, a kind of "living organism", the composition of which is gradually changing, updating and evolving.
We learn from each other.
We try new and hone the existing skills.
In summer of 2019 the Samara Collage Workshop took part in the first Cut and Glue Fest collage festival in Russia, showing its works at the festival exhibition. Some SCW members attended intensive courses. The head of the Collage Workshop, Irina Sevostyanova was one of the leading teachers of the courses, as well as co-curator of the exhibition with Olga Kirsanova.
We are open to collaborations and other interesting projects.

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Victor Goryainov, Olya Chegorova, Natalya Peregontseva, Olga Kirsanova, Anastasia Tikhomirova, Irina Sevostyanova
Collage by Irina Sevostyanova

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